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Cordon Tape


Objects can often come to represent a specific meaning or function behind them. The meaning, however,

might be changed if we change the object’s size. In my project, I transform the original real object,

a police cordon, into a mega-sized object. It looks surreal but also super real, and remains functional.

I want to see how the public reacts to this familiar object.


“ / ” is the title of my work. The slash has different meanings depending on how people use it.

In this work, I use the slash to imply division. I use the screenprint technique to make a huge police cordon tape

with a PVC sheet that separates the spaces of the football pitch, as well as the drone photograph of it.

In addition to being a divider, the cordon tape is also an object to block or ban access to an area.

My cordon tape is meant to represent the power and authority of the Hong Kong government and how it

plays a significant role in Hong Kong.

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