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Show You Some Colors


Colours are everywhere, as we see a variety in our everyday life. People's understanding of colours

can differ according to their senses of interpreting colours. ​

I discovered the discrepancy between my students towards the meaning of 'blue' when I asked them

to show me 'blue crayons' for drawing practice in my art class. This teaching experience made me

rethink the meaning of colours, raising my curiosity to explore the topic of colours in my exhibition. 

In 'Show You Some Colors', I explored the relationship among colours by depicting daily life objects

with a mono screenprinting technique. Through the exhibition, the audience interacted with the colours

by observing the subtle changes of colours with different colour combinations in the prints.

It expanded the possibility of understanding colors in our daily life.

Show you some colours - Solo exhibition, Cultural and Creative Arts Gallery, The Education University of Hong Kong, 2020

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