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A Fleeting Moment

Since studying abroad, I have been reflecting on my own identity as a Hong Konger. I am interested in observing how the fast-changing society has shaped and defined my identity in Hong Kong.

In A Fleeting Moment, I continue to explore this idea and realise my confused feelings towards my sense of belonging through the happenings by using the metaphor of contrasting forms of art techniques and the nature of fireworks as being rapidly changing. The visuals of the prints are from captured screens in the television firework displays every year on the national celebration day from 1997 to 2021.


For the main body of work, I use woodcut, which is a classical printmaking technique and communication tool that people acquired to spread information in ancient times, to complete this set of prints. In contrast, I display the documentary of prints by using the form of moving images, which is a relatively modern technology used to spread information on the internet. I reflect on the public spectacle of shared identity through video archives of television programs, allowing myself to gaze at a fleeting moment before the fireworks explode. I create a sense of a visual impact that speaks of the tension between a beautiful moment and the anticipation changes of the firework.

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Woodcut, Hand printing with lithography ink on Chinese Xuan paper, Moving images on Monitor
Dimensions variable

Moving images on Monitor

All works are available for sale

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